Born in South Africa now based in Germany, I am a professional photographer, slow learner of German, music lover and a huge fan of Bavarian beer. Since moving to Munich I have embraced capturing the incredible Bavarian landscape. My patient wife and children have almost stopped complaining about waiting for the light to be just ‘right'. Our time is best spent going up and down the Alps on foot, bicycle or skis.

Having been a professional photographer since film ruled the world, and yes I am giving my age away; I absolutely love the digital revolution, and the control I have to create great photographs for both my clients and myself. I love editing as much as I love taking photographs.

I have run my own business, photographing incredible people and places for over twenty years; I think of my clients as my friends. This exclusive club is welcoming so please give me a call, I would love to have a chat about photography, music, beer, travel, mountain biking, skiing, South Africa, Germany, Bavaria or my amazing rescued dog and cat. If the chat is in German please go slowly!